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Claims Investigation (Motor Theft & T.P. Claims)

In Motor Theft & T.P. Claims, the insurance company awaits an evaluation report from the Investigator before deciding a particular claim.

To handle these sorts of evaluation, we have our proficient team with right comprehension in such investigations. Equipped with suitable experience and effective liaison with the police authorities and other law and order department of the government.

There have been cases where the theft vehicle has been retrieved in next to no time, thus saving the monetary obligations of the insurance company.

We have our statistics about the stolen vehicles which are investigated by us and recovered by our team prior to the disbursement of claim amount.

With the help of our expert Investigation Team in Theft claim Investigation, we have recovered 40% vehicles before the settlement of the claim (before the disbursement of claim amount) , 5% repudiation done & 40% have been settled within stipulated time & 15% are under process of investigation.

We are handling T.P.claim & Theft claim Investigation throughout the WEST Zone.


Our Strenght is our well trained Field Executives and back office staff, who provides the better co-ordination and support to our clients and executives.


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